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How to Do the HCG Diet
Most of the doctors prescribe a certain diet for different people and they have to be followed and so you need to make sure that you know most of what is given. There is a chance that you will not understand what it concerns most of the diets and so you need to be careful about each and every bit to do with the diets. If you are careful enough then you will not face any challenge concerning the HCG diet because you will learn everything about it.

If you will be able to follow the procedure of starting the HCG diet then you will have to keep keenness on some of the guidelines that you are supposed to follow as you can view here. You should not fear to know some of these crucial things and so you should always read through some of those scripts that will give you perfect information. In the three phases of the HCG diet, you must make sure that you think about one of them and then you will be in a position to know what they comprise of as you can view here.

You will be required to check on each and every step of the loading phase and then you will have a chance to tell what you exactly need. In the first stage of the HCG diet there is nothing much to do rather than to eat foods rich in calories and expect the best results as well as you can view here. You may not understand what it means to have the foods rich in fats but it is because of the stage you will go to next. The levels of the HCG hormone must increase and by so doing then you will be expected to receive the treatment of the HCG hormone as you can view here

After the completion of the first phase you will expect to venture into the second phase where you will be losing weight. You may not know what it means by the second phase and so you will have to lose weight as directed. There are those who are really in need of this hormone and now you have the chance of getting what you need from this phase. If you have some doubts about the whole thing then you are supposed to cleanse everything because it might fail to help you rather receiving the HCG treatment hormone. The second thing that will be done in the weight loss phase is the low intake of calories an estimate of 500 calories or 800 calories in a day.

This phase will not want to take a lot of food and especially those that have sugar, starch and fats. A lot of drinks and fruits should be taken so as to keep you hydrated. The phase last for about three to six weeks and you will the best results thereafter. When you get to the maintenance phase then things will have got better and you will have to keep practicing what is recommended.